WB WE Care! Applications available countrywide.

WB WE Care! Applications available countrywide.

The WB We Care Trust was established in 2009 with the aim of offering support to bona fida groups who actively assist orphans and and those affected by the devastating effects of HIV/Aids.

Communities in and around towns with WB stores are invited to apply to become beneficiaries of the WB We Care Trust. According to Jesko Woermann, CEO of the local group, more should to be done to alleviate the difficult circumstances with which so many Namibians battle every day.

In order to ensure that the support given by the WB We Care Trust does not go to waste and is administrated properly, an official application must be submitted by groups is need. Contributions are then given in the form of a WB We Care card which is topped-up monthly and can be used to buy necessary products from their local WB Store.

Administrators of the trust also pay regular visits to beneficiaries to evaluate the use of the support.

Applications can be found on the website of the WB Supermarkets group at www.woermannbrock.com and can be either emailed to wecare@woermannbrock.com or mailed to We Care, WB Supermarkets, PO Box 86, Windhoek.