SmartBuy Info

SmartBuy Info

SmartBuy - What is it?

The Woermann SmartBuy loyalty system is your way to get cash discounts in the form of SmartBuy points for your purchase at any Woermann Supermarket or Cash & Carry Wholesaler.

What to expect from being a SmartBuy member?


  • Points which you can use for discount on your future purchases
  • Special offers exclusive to SmartBuy members
  • Entry in competitions without having to fill-in any forms
  • Promotional information from time-to-time

General FAQ

What is the value of 1 point?

1 point equals 1 cent. Example: 1095 points = N$10.95

How many points do I get for my purchases?

As many other loyalty systems the point are calculated depending on what item, how many and when it is purchased. This system is closed and cannot be interfered with.

What do I do to register?

You can register at any Woermann branch. The manager or supervisor can assist you.

What do I need to register?

You can register at any Woermann branch. The manager or supervisor can assist you.

How long do I have to wait until my card is active?

The card is instantly active after you have registered.

How do I know how many points I have on my card?

Any cashier at any Woermann Supermarket or Cash & Carry Wholesaler.

Can I get points if I buy without my SmartBuy card?


What happens when the system is offline?

The system will still capture your purchase and process it once the system is back online.

Do I get my points exactly after the transaction?

No. The points can take up to 24 hours the be processed. These points can then be viewed on the system, but are only made available once per month, being the 15th of each month.

Will the points expire if I don't use it?

Yes. The points expire on 31 January every year. Properly registered members will receive a message reminding them to use the points before the expiry date.

What happens if someone else uses my points?

You should look after your card in the same manner that you do with cash. Should someone use the points on your card we cannot take responsability for it.

What happens if I loose my card?

You should contact your nearest branch manager or the SmartBuy support line (listed below) immediately in order for us to stop your card. A new card can be issued at N$25.00 each. The N$25.00 will be deducted from your points balan

What happens when the barcode on my card fades away?

You should handle you card with care. If the barcode is scratched off you have to get a new card and it will cost N$25.00 of points which will be deducted from your points balance.

What is the difference between the Woermann SmartBuy card and the Woermann SmartBuy +60 card?

The Woermann Group acknowledges persons older that 60 as pensioners and thus allocates more points per purchase in an effort to support the community who has supported the company for all these years.

Whom should I contact to stop my card or gain more information?

You can contact:
Hansiena Veldskoen: 081-042 5632 or