Lorenzo takes the WB Royal Cruiser!

Lorenzo takes the WB Royal Cruiser!

Lorenzo take the WB Royal Cruises

More than 35,000 entries could not stop Windhoek resident Lozenzo Gawaseb from winning the stunning V6 Toyota Landcruiser on Saturday, 15 July.

This was the grand prize in a recent competition hosted by the WB Supermarkets Group.

In an energised atmosphere the three finalists had the opportunity to choose one of three keys to see which of those would start the vehicle. 

Jonas Johannes had the first try, but his high-hopes faded quickly when it became obvious that his was not the winning key.  The second chance went to Magnus Sechogele who confidently assumed that the odds had suddenly fell in his favor, but Lady Luck had other ideas; his key also failed to ignite the V6 Cruiser. Now it was upto the final finalist to try to turn the ignition into his good fortune, and it worked.

Lorenzo Gawaseb is the grand winner of the WB Royal Cruiser competition! He said that his mother had a feeling that the Lord is ready to bless him with this good fortune.

The WB Supermarkets Group has now launched a brand new promotional competition in which total prizes of N$1.23 Million will be given away in celebration of the 123rd anniversary of the company.

Details in-store.